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Projects and Proposals
Current Projects:
French American School of New York (FASNY)
Alternate Site Plan Special Permit Submission
November 2016
Proposed private school for 640 students in grades 6 to 12, on a 27.75-acre parcel at 336 Ridgeway.  The plan includes 146,784 square feet of new school buildings, athletic fields, and a 248-space parking lot.  
FASNY Documentation

French American School of New York (FASNY)
Environmental review of 2012 Initial Application with 1,200 students, and 2014 Revised Application with 950 students.
FASNY Documentation 

White Plains Transit District
Strategic Plan for creating a modern, efficient, integrated regional transportation hub to increase use of public transportation, invigorate investment, improve the pedestrian experience, and reinforce the City’s position as the premier destination to live, work, and play in Westchester County and beyond.

Web Information Page 

IAHD Community Residence at 22 New York Avenue
Proposal to establish a community residence for 10 intellectually and developmentally disabled adults in an existing house.
IAHD Community Residence Proposal 
22 New York Avenue South
Group Homes Map

65 Lake Street Redevelopment
Petition to amend the Zoning Ordinance to increase height and residential density in the B-3 district in order to allow development of a six story apartment building with 56 affordable units.
Rezoning Petition

52 North Broadway (former Good Counsel)
Proposal to redevelop the 16.09-Acre Property with: a 90-95 unit assisted living facility; 70 dormitory suites for Pace University Law School; and 400 market rate apartments in two 10 story buildings at the rear of the site. The onsite chapel is proposed to be reserved, and Mapleton House relocated to the north of the chapel.

Amended Zoning Petition full Submission 10-25-16
52 North Broadway DEIS Scope Draft
Notice of DEIS & Scoping Meeting
Scoping Session Presentation 3-2-17
52 North Broadway DEIS Scope Redline

Hamilton Green - 200 Hamilton Avenue (White Plains Mall Site)
A petition to amend the Zoning Ordinance, submitted in support of a conceptual development plan that proposes the redevelopment of the 3.74-acre White Plains Mall site with a mixed use project that includes: 90,000 square feet of retail space, 900 apartments, a 1,060-space parking garage, and 29,600 square feet of elevated public open space along with 22,400 square feet of street level open space.

200 Hamilton DEIS
200 Hamilton Avenue DEIS Scope Draft
Notice of DEIS and Scope Draft
Submission Letter
Zoning Petition 

Broadstone White Plains (Mamaroneck Avenue, Post Road and Mitchell Place)
Proposal to re-develop a 2.1 acre site with 434 apartments, including 26 affordable units,
8000 s.f. of retail, 460 parking spaces, and publicly accessible open space. The apartments
will be located in three connected buildings, with 6 stories on Mithcell Place, 16 stories in the central portion of the lot, and 15 stories at the intersection of Post Road and Mamaroneck Avenue

Architectural Drawings
JMC Site Plans
Cover Letter
Building Permit Application
Full Environmental Assessment Form
Expanded Environmental Assessment
Traffic Study
Storm Pollution Prevention Plan
MEP Sewer and Water Design Calcualtions

The Collection
A petition to amend the Zoning Ordinance, submitted in support of a conceptual development plan that proposes the redevelopment of a 3-acre site between Westchester and Franklin Avenues. The project will include 276 apartments, 28 of which would be designated as affordable, and 25,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space. It will also include 745 on-site parking spaces, with 275 dedicated for municipal use.

Environmental Assessment Narrative 

Approved Projects:

440 Hamilton Web Image 1.jpg
                 440 Hamilton Redevelopment

Approved conversion of the former AT&T building to 245
apartments and 1,600 square feet of retail space,
with parking in the at-grade lot behind the building. 
25 of the apartments will be designated as affordable.

Dekalb Image 2.jpg
1 Dekalb Avenue
Approved six story, 77 unit apartment building, with 16
affordable units, and public open space plaza along Maple

121 Westmoreland Web Image 2.jpg
121 Westmoreland Avenue
Approved conversion of an existing industrial building to
65 market rate apartments, known as Norden Lofts.

136 Westmoreland Web Image2.jpg
136 Westmoreland Avenue
Approved 58,319 square foot, five and a half-story building
with ground floor manufacturing and retail space and 62
market rate rental apartments on floors 2 through 5.  

55 Bank Web Image 2.jpg
55 Bank Street - The Continuum
Approved 16-story residential building with 561 apartments,
including 112 affordable units, and 6,000 square feet of
ground floor retail space.

Boulevard Web Image 1.jpg
The Boulevard-West Post Road and Maple Avenue
Approved three-story, mixed-use development with 220,000
square feet of retail, fitness, and restaurant uses, twelve
townhomes, and a 720-space garage.

60 South Broadway Web Image 1.jpg
60 South Broadway - The Pavilion
Two 24-story residential towers with 707 apartments, including
43 affordable units, 77,340 square feet of retail space, and
16,500 square feet of restaurant space.

Esplanade Web Image1.jpg
95 South Broadway and 4 Lyon Place - The Esplanade
Adaptive reuse of the former White Plains Hotel / Esplanade 
Assisted Living Community to 212 apartments, medical offices, 
restaurant, and retail space in two buildings, connected by a
sky bridge.